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JetBackup Installed on all servers!

We now use JetBackup instead of the default cpanel system for backups. Please see our forum annoucment regarding our guidelines/rules for downloading full website backups! http://afan.site/forum/the-fansite-host-network/announcements/3716-backup-tool

Kernal Care now installed on all servers!

Kernal Care allows our servers to stay 100% up to date without the need to restart the server. This will prevent more server downtime and hopefully allow everyone’s site to remain online 100% of the time.

Upcoming Plan Changes

We have decided to retire our reseller program at the end of 2017. After that time the “disk limited” plans will only allow 1 cpanel with “unlimited domains”. This allows our pricing structure to reflect the level of “server resources” your account can expect to get from Cloud Linux. This will also prevent accounts from abusing our services while not paying their share of the […]

SQL Server Issues

My apologies for the downtime on the fast server. I messed up and broke the SQL relationship on some accounts. I will be fixing all accounts, but if you want to help you can fix your account by following these instructions: 1. View your wp-config.php file via FTP or File Manager. 2. Copy the database password. 3. Launch “MySQL databases” link in Cpanel. 4. Under […]

“Fall in Love” Web Hosting Special!

#FALLinLOVE with a new host! From now until the end of September use the coupon code “fallinlove” to receive 95% off any hosting plan for 6 months! Be sure to select “semi-annual” billing before applying the coupon code “fallinlove”. This offer is for FIRST TIME customers only. We are so confident that you will enjoy our services we are selling it for less then we […]

Cloud Linux & MariaDB installed to improve server performance

We wanted to let everyone know that we now run Cloud Linux & MariaDB. Overall the server stability will be higher with Cloud Linux which will make your sites load faster and have greater security against hackers. On the other hand if your site gets “too busy” or if it is “not efficient” your account can now reach a resource limit which will end up […]

Memorial Day Sale!

In honor of all men and women who have served we are offering 50% off all hosting plans for the remainder of May! 50% off coupon code: “honor” Also, anyone that has served in the military can receive 6 months of FREE paid hosting as a thank you for serving! Just contact us for details!

Happy Valentines Day!

Enjoy 40% off all hosting plans! Use coupon code “love” at checkout! Existing customers can use this to “add funds” to their account for future hosting bills! Coupon expires Feb. 15th so HURRY!

Cyber Monday (Black Friday) Coupon Code

Fansite Host Cyber Monday (Black Friday) coupon code is now live until the end of November. Enjoy 50% off all hosting products. This promotion does not cover domain registrations. Existing members can use this code to upgrade your service or pre-pay for future months. You must use the code “CM” at checkout for the discount to be applied!

Tiny Plan Gets Upgraded!

The Tiny plan now comes with 5 GB of storage space for only $.50/month or $5/year! All previous customers have automatically been upgraded.

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