Features We Offer

  • SSD Fan Host

    SSD Accelerated

    SSD Hard Drives accelerate our website hosting speed as all OS files and Databases are stored on SSD Disks!

  • Maria Database Fan Host

    Maria Database

    Fan Host uses Maria Databases to ensure Wordpress & Coppermine Gallery loads SQL information quickly!

  • 99.9% Uptime

    99.9% Uptime Guarantee

    We Guarantee 99.9% Server Uptime. You can be sure your website will always work when hosting with us!

  • Unlimited Fan Host

    Unlimited Hosting

    Our Unlimited Web Hosting includes as much disk space and bandwidth as you need.

  • Cloud Linux Fan Host

    Cloud Linux

    Fan Host uses the newest version of the Cloud Linux Operating System to ensure your website is fast & secure!

  • cPanel Web Hosting Control Panel

    cPanel Control Panel

    We offer the industry standard cPanel to make controlling your account super easy!

  • Off Server Backups

    Our backups are kept on a completely different server then your account to ensure it is never lost due to hardware failure.

  • Softaculous Auto Script Installer

    Easy Script Installer

    Fan Host offers Softaculous to easily install hundreds of different scripts with the click of a button!

  • Custom Fan Host Hacker Defense

    Custom Hacker Defense

    Fan Host features custom protection to ensure hackers are not able to login to Wordpress, or Coppermine gallery.

Free Transfers

Cloud Linux UNLIMITED Hosting



  • 10% CPU Power

  • Up To 5 Users

  • 128 MB of Memory

  • 512 KB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 20 Processes

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Up & Coming


  • 25% CPU Power

  • Up To 10 Users

  • 256 MB of Memory

  • 1 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 25 Processes

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  • 50% CPU Power

  • Up to 15 Users

  • 500 MB of Memory

  • 1.5 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 30 Processes

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Super Star


  • 75% CPU Power

  • Up to 20 Users

  • 750 MB of Memory

  • 1.5 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 40 Processes

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  • 100% CPU Power

  • Up to 25 Users

  • 1 GB of Memory

  • 2 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 50 Processes

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  • 200% CPU Power

  • Up to 50 Users

  • 2 GB of Memory

  • 2 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 100 Processes

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  • 300% CPU Power

  • Up to 75 Users

  • 3 GB of Memory

  • 3 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 150 Processes

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  • 400% CPU Power

  • Up to 100 Users

  • 4 GB of Memory

  • 4 MB/s I/O Speed

  • Up to 200 Processes

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Why Pick us ?

Affordable Pricing

At Fan Host we believe you should only have to pay for the amount of resources your website needs. We will let you know if your site needs more resources and you can upgrade to the next plan.

Guaranteed Refund

We provide 100% refunds upon request within the first 30 days of service for all new accounts.

FREE Transfers

It doesn't matter if your site is 10 MB or 200 GB we can transfer your website for FREE!