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Upcoming Plan Changes

We have decided to retire our reseller program at the end of 2017. After that time the “disk limited” plans will only allow 1 cpanel with “unlimited domains”. This allows our pricing structure to reflect the level of “server resources” your account can expect to get from Cloud Linux. This will also prevent accounts from abusing our services while not paying their share of the server costs.

We are doing this so we can provide a higher level of quality service to all accounts. Any customer on an existing plan that is changing will be grandfathered into their account as a reward for being a loyal customer as we will not be bringing these extremely cheap plans back.

The $5 Unlimited Plan for 1 site with additional sites for only $1/ea will NOT change!

Plans that will no longer be available:

– 60 GB Unlimited Hosting
– 150 GB Fanatic Hosting
– 300 GB Super Fanatic Hosting

Those plans are being replaced with the $5 Unlimited plan +$1 for each additional site.

All other disk limited plans will have the option of “unlimited cpanels” removed – they will no longer come with WHM. The ONLY account that will come with WHM anymore is the $5 Unlimited + $1 for each additional site plan.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up in case they wanted to get grandfathered into the reseller/WHM plans.

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