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SQL Server Issues

My apologies for the downtime on the fast server. I messed up and broke the SQL relationship on some accounts.

I will be fixing all accounts, but if you want to help you can fix your account by following these instructions:

1. View your wp-config.php file via FTP or File Manager.
2. Copy the database password.
3. Launch “MySQL databases” link in Cpanel.
4. Under “create database user” insert the exact same database username and password as is in your config file and create user.
5. Go back to the databases page and then click “Add User To Database” and select all checkboxes and save.
6. Repeat process for coppermine, gallery, etc.

We DO have backups of everyone’s databases from 10/1 “just in case” someone does accidentally delete it.

If you are unable to fix it or want me to bump you to the top of my list then send me an email.

  • A Few accounts may have lost the posts for the last year, if this happened to your site please email us and we will fix it.

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Justin on 12 Oct, 2017

Thank you for your hard work. You’re service is great!

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